Disclaimer of Liability

Dear Guests, starting from 1st April 2018 the Municipality of Forlì has established the tourist tax with City Council resolution no. 121 dated 21st December 2017. The tourist tax is destined to finance actions for the
preservation of the city’s artistic heritage and for the improvement of services. The tax is applied to the overnight stays of non-residents in the Municipality of Forlì for a maximum of 5 consecutive nights.
For this accommodation facility the tax amounts to Euro _ per person per night.
Groups exempt from paying tourist tax:
a) citizen of Forlì;
b) children under 14 years of age;
c) people hosted by the Municipality, accommodate at his own expense;
d) patients staying in the Forlì area for medical treatment (day-hospital), limited to the overnight stays
during it, including the overnight before;
e) people assisting medical care beneficiaries and hospitalized within the municipal boundaries (one helper
per patient) limited to the overnight stays during it, including the overnight before;
f) helpers of non-self-sufficient disabled people receiving accompanying allowance (one helper per
g) members of the Armed Forces, State/Local Police, Fire Brigade and Volunteer Associations staying overnight for work reasons (e.g. Protezione Civile);
h) people hosted within the municipal boundaries in case of environmental emergencies or humanitarian
needs, according to provisions imposed by public authorities;
i) coach drivers and guides of organized groups (the exemption is applied to one guide for every 24 group
j) the hotel/accommodation staff staying overnight for works reasons.
Guests exempted to pay must give to the Hosts the declarations or documents required.
We wish to inform guests that in the event of failure to pay, late payment or partial payment of the tax mentioned above, the Municipality of Forlì will arrange to retrieve the tax not paid, in addition to any sanctions and interest applicable, in compliance with existing provisions.
For further informations visit www.comune.forli.fc.it at \guida ai servizi\tasse e tributi\IDS-imposta di soggiorno or clicking directly here.

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