House rules

Dear Guest,
I welcome you to my home which will be yours for this short time.
I have tried to make it as comfortable as possible by thinking about all my needs when I am traveling.
I hope I have succeeded in making your stay as relaxing and comfortable as possible.
For a pleasant and safe stay, it is good to know the rules of the house’s internal regulations. For any further information, do not hesitate to ask.

“Bed and breakfast” is an expression of Anglo-Saxon origin that indicates informal and occasional tourist accommodation carried out by families with one or more rooms dedicated to unknown and paying guests and includes bed and breakfast..

The regulation is designed to be a support for a pleasant and harmonious stay.

The regulation is intended to be read and accepted at the time of deposit for the stay. Failure to comply with this regulation will result in immediate removal from the structure, without any right of reimbursement, and with the charge of the full amount of the stay, as well as the costs for restoring the damage caused to people or things housed in the building.

Unless otherwise agreed in advance, guests are accepted from 13:00 (check-in); they must leave the structure by 11:00 after the last night of the agreed stay. As the B & Bs are small family-run establishments, there is no reception service available 24 hours as in many hotels, therefore each guest is required to communicate the expected arrival time by telephone to the property owner. Failure to notify the arrival time can also cause long waits for which complaints or requests for reimbursement cannot be accepted.

    Upon arrival, a valid identity document (driving license, identity card or passport) must be shown for mandatory electronic registration with the Province (for statistical purposes only) and at the police headquarters (for security purposes only). ). The data of ours are treated in accordance with the current legislation privacy legislation (GDPR))

Payment is made upon arrival at the B&B, in full (excluding the deposit paid previously) and in cash (no check and debit or credit card). A receipt will be issued in accordance with the law. We remind you that we are subjected to a Municipal Tourist Tax of 1.50 Euros per day per person which will be added to the cost of the overnight stay, except for exceptions, also for which you are asked to read the regulation.

For reasons of Public Security, it is forbidden to receive visits and additional guests who are not registered at the facility, other than those residing there unless previously authorized.

    Cleaning is daily and is done every morning or early afternoon. The linen in the room will be changed on the third day of stay or earlier if appropriate. If the rooms are occupied at the time of cleaning, no cleaning will be performed
    daily room.
    Customers have a duty to look after their belongings and valuables
    left in the accommodations. The B&B is not responsible for personal items and valuables left unattended, even in your own room.
    Use the toilets W.C. correctly and civilly, throwing anything other than toilet paper in the appropriate bins.

Waste must be collected deferred:
Paper and cardboard must be separated from plastic and aluminum and separated from glass and damp. To know precisely how to make separate collection, we recommend consulting the Alea Ambiente’s waste dictionary. Each room has its own separate waste collection bins (paper, plastic and dry), excluding wet and glass which are found in the kitchen.

Upon arrival you pay in advance for the period for which you want to stay, thus guaranteeing the guarantee that the room will be reserved. Otherwise we cannot make discounts or guarantee that the room will be free in the future.

For entry and exit from the structure, there are no timetables to be respected (the customer is given the key to their room, the glass entrance door and the entrance gate to the garden). However, silence is a must in the evening (after 10pm). Obviously, when entering and exiting, the doors must always be closed behind you

The loss of the keys involves a compensation of 5 Euros for each lost key. It is forbidden to create duplicates of the B&B keys. The keys must be returned to the management upon departure (check-out)

13. STAY
You can stay in the living room as long as you want, always respecting the rest of others

Guests can use the tables in the kitchen and in the breakfast area to consume their own food. They are then required to clean them perfectly. It is forbidden to consume food in the room or in the bathroom and as per regional regulation, it is forbidden to cook, that is to turn on the gas stove in the kitchen.

15.Animals are accepted only if they are small and in any case by prior arrangement.

16.All guests are required to behave like polite and civil people avoiding any reason for disturbance and harassment towards people or things inside the house.

The windows should never be left wide open and in any case when they are opened it is strongly recommended

When you leave, it is recommended to always close the door of your room, of the house with at least one turn of the key and the gate in the garden.

    To keep the costs of the structure down, take care not to waste resources by turning off the light and closing the water, and other systems when you are out of the room.
    Smoking is prohibited inside the bedrooms and throughout the building (including corridors, living room, bathrooms), even with the windows open; it is possible to smoke on the balconies equipped with special ashtrays and in the garden and everywhere outside the B&B of course (art. 51 legge 3 del 16/01/03).Ash and filter go in ashtrays and not on the ground or in the flowers or in the garden.
  2. 21.NOISES
    Guests must moderate the volume of the TV and conversations; it is recommended to avoid disturbing noises of any kind.

Guests are asked to treat with respect what is made available to them. Improper use of the equipment and any damage to property or people must be compensated.

No one intentionally damages things, but it can happen to anyone that once something breaks. We would be grateful if you would inform us immediately of the damage so that it will not be discovered until after your departure by doing the final cleaning.

    For as long as the children stay in our B&B, we ask parents to pay attention to their activities both inside and outside. Children cannot play with the fire in the kitchen: your safety and home safety are at stake.
    Age up to 2 years: Free
    From 3 to 12 years: 10 € supplement per night.
    Over 12 years old: Standard rate as an adult.
    The common areas are under video surveillance, in compliance with the principles, rules and obligations established by the General provision of 8 April 2010 of the Privacy Guarantor.

L’introduzione e/o l’uso nella struttura e nelle camere di armi, oggetti pericolosi, sostanze dall’odore forte o sgradevole, oggetti per la preparazione di pasti, bombolette a gas, liquidi infiammabili, fornelli elettrici, ferro da stiro, apparecchi a fiamma libera etc. è severamente vietato.

L’ospite e’ tenuto a far sapere prontamente di eventuali danni a cose o oggetti e ci occuperemo di sistemare le cose il piu’ rapidamente possibile. Vi preghiamo di non effettuare alcuno spostamento, nelle camere o nelle aree comuni, di mobili o suppellettili, né di interferire o manipolare cavi e dispositivi elettrici.

    The water is drinkable throughout the structure.
    The WI-FI Internet connection is free.

La richiesta di prenotazione può essere fatta telefonicamente o tramite email. Avuta la disponibilità della camera, per soggiorni prolungati, e’ richiesto un acconto pari al 30% del totale dovuto da effettuarsi con bonifico bancario. La prenotazione e’ definitivamente confermata al riscontro dell’avvenuto anticipo mediante invio della copia della ricevuta di pagamento.

It is forbidden to wander around the B&B with clothes that can offend others’ modesty.

    In the event of serious disputes, Italian law is applicable and only the territorially competent court is applicable. The signing of the reservation implies knowledge and acceptance of the general conditions governing the lease. It follows that what is not expressly stated in this regulation will not in any way affect the validity of the contract itself.

The apartment is not available to realize: parties, goodbye to celibation, celebrations. The apartament is not rented to people who carry
out illegal activities. It is also forbidden to disturb the neighbors.

    We are not responsible for any inefficiencies due to total or partial lack of electricity, water, internet and heating which are not dependent on our will.

We thank you for choosing our structure and we wish you a peaceful and happy stay. For questions I always remain at your disposal.

Matteo Raggi

Telefono 0543.1796499