Morgagni – Pierantoni Hospital in Forlì

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Newsweek publishes its ranking of the best hospitals in the world (‘The world’s best hospitals 2020 ’) and includes the Morgagni hospital – Pierantoni di Forlì, source Courier Romagna.

At the Morgagni Pierantoni hospital in Forlì, there is one of the most advanced centers in the field of robotic surgery. The Forlì center was the protagonist of a SuperQuark service on July 4th 2018, bringing the spotlight back to a surgical technique that will be the protagonist of the future. The DaVinci robot (this is its name) is used and in use since 2007, the automation of the process is not integral: in short, the robot acts as a “precision assistant” and allows to significantly reduce the use of the scalpel, making the much less invasive surgery.
The flexibility of the assistant-robot makes it usable in any type of operation, from cardiac surgery to urology. Students from all over the world come to Forlì to learn how to use the machine.

The facility has about 580 beds and carries out activities in the following main functional units: pathological anatomy, surgery, endocrine surgery, surgery, palliative care and hospice for cancer patients, dermatology, endocrinology and metabolic diseases, gastroenterology and digestive endoscopy, gynecology, ophthalmology , otolaryngology, interventional pulmonology, psycho-oncology, radiodiagnosis, senology, urology.

An official thank you to the hospital of Forlì, also nominated for the Nobel Prize.

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