Where we are

We are herei:

Via Torino Campani 3A – Vecchiazzano 47121 Forlí FC

From the Forlì railway station


number 2 and after 17 stops (the stop at which to get off is called CAMPANI and is the second stop after the hospital) there will be only 90 meters left to arrive, in total it takes 25 minutes. BUS

Here find the link to Start Romagna, the local public transport company.
Link to the Italian Railways website.


The taxi service is available directly from the railway station square, it can also be booked by phone without surcharges through the serviceRADIOTAXI 0543-31111 (every day 24 hours a day), the offices are located in Piazza Martiri d’Ungheria 22, adjacent to the train station.
(the direct connection by taxi from the station to the hospital costs 11 Euros)

NCC (Rent with driver)

Transfer from / to train station, hospital, clinics, airport.

Tel. +39.335.6396535
Mail : info@mgservicencc.it


bicycle There is a Bike Sharing service in Piazzale Martiri d’Ungheria (in front of the railway station) qui find the information about it here is the map of the stations.

To and from the Forlì Hospital

Reaching the hospital from the “B&B 2 minutes from the hospital” by car takes 2 minutes,
on foot it takes less than 10 minutes.

Reachable in 2 minutes by car, the hospital parking spaces are only free. Only free parking: there are 2 main car parks: Morgagni car park and Morgagni East car park . In extreme cases you could also take advantage of the free parking of Piazzale Delfina Cima.

Our B&B is also close to the Forlì airport

Telefono 0543.1796499